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Brockton Ward 3 Council Race

Plenty of candidates, positions in Brockton’s at-large council race

October 30, 2015

Eaniri, 62, who is single and has held the Ward 3 council seat for 12 years, does not believe nepotism is a problem in how jobs are filled in Brockton. “I believe that every person that applies is given equal rights,” Eaniri wrote.

Green is not in favor of a $650 million proposed casino project, saying he has “serious concerns” about the potential impact a casino would have on the crime rate. “With the city not having enough resources to adequately protect citizens and solve crime, a casino would introduce additional elements of crime activity,” Green wrote. Eaniri wrote that as councilor, he voted to place the casino question on a city ballot. Brockton voters narrowly approved the casino proposal in May. “Now the issue is on the Gaming Commissions desk and it is up to them to determine weather Brockton gets a casino. The City Council has no further say at this point,” Eaniri wrote.

Other than crime, Green cited aging infrastructure as the city’s top concern. “The roads are deplorable, the sewage system and water mains are decades old, and thereby providing a disservice to the residents,” Green wrote. Eaniri cited lack of revenue as a top concern for Brockton. “We need an anchor business management, that could net us $7 to $8 million each year,” Eaniri wrote.

To deal with crime, the city needs to continue hiring new police officers, wrote Eaniri. Green wrote that the city can do more to address crime, and that there must be a collaborative effort between law enforcement, public officials, businesses, nonprofit and faith-based organizations, and citizens. “My plan is a comprehensive plan that includes community policing, trainings, additional officers, community watch program, and safe haven locations,” Green wrote.

Eaniri, who serves as City Council president, said he plays a leadership role each time he walks into council chambers, and that he has pursued bringing businesses into his ward. Green said he has ministered young people for more than 16 years in cities including Brockton, and that his work has helped keep youth off the streets, away from violence and in school.

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