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Education: A city’s viability and future success depends largely on its ability to provide high-quality education to its students. Marlon will advocate and collaborate with the school department and city officials to ensure that Brockton Public Schools are adequately funded. He will fight for lower class size, more technology in the classroom, and keep teachers on the job. As a diverse city serving a diverse population of approximately 18,000 students, it is important that Brockton gets its fair share of funding from the state. Marlon will be a strong voice and will use all means necessary to secure the resources and high quality access to education for all of Brockton’s students. 

Public Safety: Every resident of the city should have the expectation of waking up or going to sleep in a safe neighborhood. Unfortunately, we have seen many instances where the safety and well-being of the residents were violated. Marlon will work to implement programs and strategies that will revamp neighborhood crime watch program, community policing, fostering partnerships between law enforcement, community agencies, and the faith-based community. He will work with city officials and state delegation to get our police officers the necessary tools needed to protect our city and solve crimes. 

Economic Development: Economic strength and growth is crucial to the future success of Brockton. The development of downtown Brockton is a step in the right direction. Additionally, small businesses should be seen as a strategic partner to the economic growth of the city. Marlon will advocate and support initiatives on the state and federal level to help small business owners become more successful and to help prospective business owners launch their business. Marlon will continue to be a voice for economic development that protects and benefits the residents of Brockton. He will carefully examine, research and scrutinize every proposal put forward for development in the city. There have been too many proposals and contracts presented and entered into that disadvantage the residents. If elected to the City Council for Ward 1, Marlon will not hesitate to cast a “no vote” for such proposals. 

Diversity: Brockton has become a diverse city with many different cultures, ethnicities, and racial groups. Being an immigrant, Marlon understands the importance of embracing diversity and for it to be reflected on all levels of city government. Marlon will advocate for fair and equal treatment of all Brockton’s residents especially those from the immigrant population. He will speak out and take action against any form of discrimination and hate. 

Infrastructure: It is important that tax payers enjoy the rights and benefits of the city they support. They are entitled to clean and reliable water, clean and paved streets, working street lights, safe and clean parks for their families. Marlon will work city administration to facilitate a reasonable plan for repairing crumbling roads, street lights, water and sewage. 



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